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Welcome! What is our goal?

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Welcome! What is our goal?

Here at Moose Paddle Clothing we want to provide garment decoration in the most sustainable way possible, without compromising on quality.

To continually develop our processes to improve sustainability, and prove that the eco-friendly way can be better than traditional.

To share this knowledge and encourage others to go eco-friendly too.

We are very involved in the kayak industry and we want to play our part and give back to the community of paddlers from wearing our awesome designs to even us making donations towards Rivers & Canals we use all the time. By printing water based inks this will keep your garment away from plastic as much as possible.

 At the moment we have upgraded our screens and equipmentment but we are still keeping it hand printed. We are in early stages and this venture is only 3 months old and it's been amazing every step of the way so far.

Our process is using a drawing we have created and then applying that to a lino block, by doing this we have kept it very rustic and outdoorsy feel to it.  From that then I burn(from a light) it to a screen and use water based inks to the fabric.

The water based ink has a much longer life span than plastisol inks and vinyl. you can get the real feel of the cotton on the garment and don't feel squeaky like you would with plastic.  

 We have almost finished our website which will make the donations from the sale straight away.

We will be going to offer Organic really soon but it's hard to find a supplier to meet the demand at the moment due to brexit but that's the plan to have that as an option.(Very limited colours)

 Our motto is #PADDLETOGETHER due to the times we are in with the unwanted covid, loneliness is growing worryingly within the uk. We would like for every paddler to reach out to paddlers & non paddlers to encourage them to try it or go out and paddle with them and help with their mental health. We need each other more now than ever! (meet guidelines of course)

We just want a healthier world, a paddling world.


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