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Bulk Orders & Screen Printing Services

Like the look of our products? Order by bulk and get a discounted rate 
  • Email us for a quote
  • Minimum order 5 products
  • Custom colours  


All of our items are individually hand printed by our Moose Paddle Clothing team, which can lead to slight variations in placement. The water based inks is heat cured  and will not fade over time. We keep most of our items in stock, but if an order comes in that we do not have on hand, it may take us 1-2 weeks processing time before shipping.

Screen printing is a print method used for producing high quality prints on clothing. Screen printing requires 1 screen per colour, per design. The screen consists of 2 parts, mesh & stencil. The mesh allows the ink to pass through onto the fabric to create that amazing quality product.

Design your own shirt or hoodie with a personalized logo, drawings and more for you or paddling club.Please email us at: info@moosepaddleclothing.co.uk if your interested in any custom designs.


Check out our custom designs :

Custom Design

Custom Design